How to import contacts from google account to phone

How to import contacts from google account to phone

If you are a smartphone user either Android or iPhone And in case your phone has damaged or stolen in any case. You can recover your lost contact numbers if you been using Gmail on your phone. Your Gmail has synchronized your contact numbers so you can download your contact number on a new device. In this article, I am gonna show you the process. How to import contacts from a Google account to the phone. Let’s start.

Steps to import contacts from a Google account to the phone:

Select any web browser on your phone and open it. I am going with Google Chrome. Now tap on the email profile icon. make sure you are logged in with the email you been using previously. Now tap on manage your google account. A new page has opened now.

Now search for data and personalization and select. The new page opened. now scroll down and Find download your data and tap Here you will find all your synchronized data but we have to download only contact numbers. Deselect all And Scroll down to contacts as we just need to download contacts from this list.

Here we have found Contacts So tap on the little check box in the front of the contacts. By tapping on the box a checkmark will appear. Now scroll down up to the end of the page. and tap on the next step. Select a one-time archive. File type ZIP already selected, we will go with the same.

Tap on create an archive. Wait a moment while processing Now A page has opened, Make no changes. just tap on download. Here you have to add your password for verification that it is you. Add your password and tap on the Next button. Find your downloaded file in your phone notifications.

A file with the name  TAKE OUT is downloaded you can see and it’s a zip file. Tap on taking Out-File. ***You can also find this file in your download folder in the phone storage*** Keep the Folder selected and tap on  Extract in the bottom right. It’s a Zip file and our contacts vcf file is zipped with it. ***


If your phone doesn’t support a zip file, Please download a zip file extractor and Tap on Extract Here is the Extracted Take Out Folder. Tap Now Tap on Contacts. Now Tap on All Contacts. Here is your all contacts vcf file, just tap on all contacts.vcf All my lost Contacts list has appeared here you can see.

Now by tapping on  Save All the downloaded contacts will be saved in my Phone/Device You can also save a copy of your contacts file on your PC/Laptop following the same process.

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