Account Security Tips

Account Security Tips

How can the average business improve its IT security practices?

IT security is a phrase many business owners use but don’t understand much about. In fact, it’s safe to say that when it comes to IT security, many business owners don’t know squat. The good news is that having a basic knowledge of IT account security can help your business in several ways.


you can take charge of your IT security risks by first considering what risks your business faces and then reducing them. For example, a common fear is losing all of the personal data in your company if your data center goes down.

A prime example of this is Wells Fargo, which saw its ATM networks compromised over the summer. People can have their personal and financial information stolen or hacked, meaning you could be liable if that happens.

In the case of Wells Fargo, the company found that only 1% of its customers’ data was actually stolen, but they estimate this could have been upwards of 40% of its customers’ personal information. If you don’t have a company-wide policy on how to handle or respond to this situation, you could find yourself in serious trouble.


your company’s security will be better managed by having a real-time security alert set up for your systems. For example, say you use an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance for hosting your website. If you find that one of these instances has ever been publicly exposed or has a known security issue, your IT security team would need to get notified, as would the company’s help desk, email service, and more.

If you don’t have real-time security alerts set up, you’ll have to find out when something bad has happened to your IT account security, and you may not be able to respond until the problem has gotten out of hand.


a proactive IT security strategy will improve your company’s overall security, which may include going through a security evaluation to find security vulnerabilities in your system and make changes. In many cases, this is a multi-step process, and it is best to have your IT security team to start this process immediately.

At Check Point, we use our Proactive Security Analysis program to go through the checklist and find potential security threats. It has helped us to achieve a 99.7% score on our Mandiant Incident Response (IR) assessments, which means we have never missed an event.


you can protect your customers by making your systems more secure. In the case of the Wells Fargo example, let’s say your customers had been affected by the data breach.

If they were, you’d have to send out an alert to them telling them to change their passwords, and you would also need to communicate with the help desk. If this was to happen again, they would get another alert with more specific details of what exactly happened.


your IT security team can work to inform the business community of your company’s security measures. And you can provide tools to help your customers protect themselves.

For example, you can set up a system where people can encrypt their passwords. And you can provide customers with tools to help secure their information. Such as software that allows people to securely store and transfer data. By putting IT account security into the hands of your IT security team. You can greatly improve your business’s overall IT security practices. Which in turn will provide you with a better performing, secure IT department.

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